So NOT W8R...anything....a different milepost!

So I was standing in my kitchen, staring into the open refrigerator wondering what to eat for brekkie when I put my hands on my hips ... AND FELT THEM! For the first time in ..... well, a LONG time ... !!! Now I gotta tell you, the scales aren't saying a whole lot about this, but SOMEthing is definitely shifting!

I love you, C25K! (I'm just not speaking to my KNEE right


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19 Replies

  • Fab :) I presume you didn't take your measurements before starting then?

  • sleek as a seal!

  • measurements...the scales were punishment enough...

    and mietjie, just rotfl at THAT mental picture

  • thats great i have the same problem , i have lost my love handles but i dont know where they have gone as the scales aint changed lol i have even checked my ears to see if it had moved to that area! :-S

  • I know; I have a waist, It's amazing to find things that we thought were lost forever!

  • I stopped worrying about the scales - i'm in the best physical shape for over twenty five years!!! The abdominal fat is melting and going somehwere and i'm standing taller because my core muscles are stronger. Like Grammadog I can feel my hips and find myself doing insane dances in the kitchen with my dogs! Happy, happy days. Not sure this is a runner's high but it will do! Lov this plan.

  • Fantastic, Grammadog! I've found that the weight isn't coming off of me either, even though I'm 5 feet and around 150 lbs, so definitely obese (according to BMI scale). But I have gone down from a 38" to a 34" waist in the last year (since I decided to lose weight), so I must be doing something right!

  • Yaay! Bet you wondered where those hips were! :)

  • I too go to a slimming group and the scales are not being kind at the moment but I am fitter feel better and look better than I have done for 40 years or so.

    My daughter even said that I seemed to have refound my neck that had been missing a good while.

  • Congrats! Must be a great feeling :) I don't own a set of scales, which means I concentrate on things like this rather than numbers on a dial!

  • Glad you've found your hips Grammadog, that's the important thing, not what the scales say (ok, I know you're going to tell me off for not taking my own advice!!)


  • Wow, how inspiring, hope I find mine soon.

  • As Shakira says -The hips don't lie!!! I haven't lost weight according to the scales either but several people asked me if I had and that'll do for me! :-)

  • I also have received comments on how my shape has changed!, take your measurements, you will be surprised how those inches disappear. Congratultions on finding your hips

  • Hope after finding your hips you also find your waist is getting smaller - I too find the scales are telling lies! I'm feeling leaner but not lighter and far healthier. Doing this as part of a diet but have found I'm putting on pounds some weeks but then dropping quite a few pounds in one go others. Dont understand it but don't want to give this up just accepting body is still in shock from actually being active and not on the couch, lol. Keep it up.

  • I've been riding the loss/gain roller coaster also...very frustrating, you think you're gaining on it, then back I guess we just have to watch the "trend"....good luck to you, sarmkel

  • My measurements are not decreasing any more than my weight (ie not decreasing at all) - but despite that I am sure I have lost my 'bustle' Would really like to do something about my abdominal muscles but I think the running isn't going to be the way to do that.

  • Meant to say, definitely a great milestone, well done!

  • Thanks, GoogleMe....I try not to be too impatient with the weight loss...I know from "my previous life" it will take a while, but carrying all this extra weight isn't good on my knees (hence my current "layoff"). Good running posture will HELP with the abs, but some weight training won't hurt.

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