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Well I've had a slow couple of weeks, I've been suffering from terrible migraines, so cut down to two runs a week and when I went out on Wednesday only managed to run for 6/7 minutes, but did walk my whole 4.5k route.

Can I blame the torture of EURO 2012? :)

I've had another change to my medication last week as well and for the first time in long while I'm coming off something that makes me sleep 12 hours a night, which will hopefully give me a couple of hours (at least) back in my day and I might just become a morning person again! They are doubling the dose of the other medication I take which gives me lots of pins & needles when I am active so it will be interesting to see how that affects my running.

For now I would love to set a target to help keep me motivated, there is a 10k race coming up in the summer that I'd be interested in, but with my health being a bit higildy pigildy, I'd be so disappointed to have to pull out.

So that leaves me with the realisation that for now I should just be happy to run fullstop. Even my 6 minute run on Wednesday was better than nothing, I didn't spend the rest of the regretting not trying. We all need a reality check every now and again so here's mine, this time 3 years ago I barely I had the confidence to walk anywhere on my own due to my health. So at the minute I can't get out and run a 10k like last summer, but at least I can run :)

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It is great that you have the insight to re-frame your experience. I know that changes in meds and feeling under the weather can be a huge drag. Personally, I applaud you for finishing your route at a walk when running isn't quite working. That can be a great compromise, with nearly the same health benefits, and will keep your muscles strong and ready to run next time. Good for you for sticking with it.

Lots of 10K races offer a 5K race at the same time. Would you prefer to try that one? It might help give you a focus for training, and set you up for success.

Best of luck. I am cheering for you.


Sorry to hear about your migraine, my eldest son suffers from them, he is under going Bowen Therapy just now and phoned to say how he was getting on with it.

On Thursday he was due to go for his second session of Bowen but had to cancel as he had a terrible migraine. (The Bowen is being done to help with lung damage after a bad illness late last year). However he was fitted in for a new appointment on Friday, which he managed to get to, although the migraine had eased he was still in pain with what he terms as his hangover head. (Muggy feeling and sight still foggy). He came out of his treatment 90 minutes later feeling as if he had never had a recent migraine. Now that is remarkable because it usually takes 2-3 days for it to clear up completly.

As for the lung improvement, well we still have to wait for him to finish his Bowen treatments (3-4 in total) then he has to go back to the doctor for more tests. So if you haven't tried this have a look at the website, its a very interesting treatment which we hadn't heard about until 4 weeks ago, Australians use it a lot and have done for many years. Hope things settle down for you soon.


I will have to learn more about migraines, so all advice is welcome.

I have been diagnosed with basilar migraine and my main symptom is vertigo rather than head aches (although I've had plenty of those the past month). From what I've read this type of migraine is quite rare and my doctor thinks I am difficult case due to my symptoms and that fact that for the many medications I've tried have done little. Considering that alternative treatments would be worth considering.


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