Couch to 5K

Hopefully go faster shoes!!!

Just bit the bullet and had my gait analysis done at Sweatshop who luckily have a sale on and came away with a fab all bells ringing running shoes for £42.50. The service and advice was excellent and today W2 R2 what a difference after running in a really cheap pair of old trainers until now. I'm still walking faster than I run I think but heyho my feet look good! :) Anybody thinking about trainers try Sweatshop while the sale is on :)

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Just did the same thing! I was really worried about going as I feel a fraud not really being a runner yet. Great service though. Haven't tried out the new trainers yet (Brooks) but hoping for great things this evening on my last run of week 3 (second attempt).


Good luck ooh nearly week 4 for your fab :) Hope they make you run better didn't make me run any better but my feet felt better!


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