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Sneezing after running??

Within a minute of finishing a run I always have a quite violent sneezing session ( I say violent as I feel like I've been kicked in the face after) followed by a short period of runny nose. It happens both when I run outside and inside so I don't think Ive suddenly developed hay fever. Does anyone else have this problem? And if so have you found anyway to relieve it? I want to enjoy my post-run glow :)

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Snap! I have suffered many years ago (school) with hay fever - but as I get more ancient I hardly notice it. But my 11 year old son has been sneezing away the last few weeks so its hay fever season. I had escaped it... until after my run Wed eve when it was fairly sunny I could not stop sneezing when I got home - was not so bad Monday or today as it was very wet... So even though you may not have suffered in the past it may be a particular pollen is about at the moment and has set you off! Avoid rubbing your eyes, as once you start its impossible to stop...!!


I always have a runny nose when I run! Not so much sneezing though, I put it down to my sinuses with all the heavy breathing while jogging then when I stop I usually have to give my nose a big blow (sorry too much info I know). You could try using a nasal spray before your run but I wouldn't use it too often.


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