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Do you have an injury? - Have you heard of Bowen Therapy International?

This is a relatively new therapy to the UK, have you heard of it?

Below is an extract from their website,


What Can I Expect from Bowen Therapy?

A normal Bowen Therapy treatment starts with the client lying face down on a bed or massage table. Comfortable clothing is recommended and only the shoes need to be removed . The practitioner begins with a prescribed set of moves in the lower back and hips which immediately lead the body into a relaxed state. This primary stress release, and the relaxation that follows, allows oxygen to circulate more thoroughly throughout the system while releasing toxins and eliminating dysfunctional fluids. Tom Bowen developed a method of isolating the body's energy which is then concentrated and directed into specific muscle groups. Short waiting periods are incorporated between the moves to allow the brain time to assimilate, correlate and send a positive response to the area being worked with. Very often, stress release is so intense, the client falls asleep within the first five minutes.Between 20 -- 40 minutes, the Bowen practitioner works in precise areas following a categorical program up and down the body, instructing the client to turn face up about halfway through the treatment.

Because increased oxygen production and its circulatory movement is central to Bowen Therapy, the applications are numerous. No one is too young or old to receive the Bowen benefits and a wide range of symptoms experience positive effects within 1-3 treatments given 5-7 days apart.

Following is a list of the more common ailments which demonstrate improvement with Bowen Therapy: Asthma



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Coordination & Balance Difficulties

Digestive Ailments

Fertility Problems


Foot, Ankle & Knee Problems

Frozen Shoulder


Heart Irregularities

Lower Back Pain



Musculoskeletal Injury

Neck Tension


Neutritis & Pelvic Alignment





Sports Injuries

Tennis Elbow


BOWEN THERAPY INTERNATIONAL copyright © 2000, All Rights Reserved


Our eldest son is a fireman who suffered a very severe illness last year which has damaged his lungs, he is still recovering but this treatment was offered to him by a qualified practitioner of this treatment. It was suggested it would help with the recovery of his lungs. On checking the website I see it is used for loads of ailments, sports injuries included. Just wondered is anyone had heard of it or even had any experience of this treatment?

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Yes. I had a very bad shoulder that kept partially dislocating and after two years I was very fed up. My mother, a doctor, was reluctant to encourage me to try steroids since, in her experience, they were in the vast majority of cases a waste of time. She thought it was going to end in surgery. She read about Bowen and thought I had nothing to loose. After three treatments I had no problems with my shoulder and have had no problems since (apart from the odd creak). I had been waking up in pain during the night ...

It is not an invasive procedure in any way and at the very least your son will be very relaxed (which in itself aids healing). Hope this helps.


Thanks RhonaL thats reassured me, he had his first session today and was told 2 or 3 would be all he would have. He also had glandular fever as a child which left him with migraine although as he's got older they are less frequent, she has worked on this area for relief also. I'm really interested to see what the outcome is for this treatment now. I think it sounds to be on a similar principal as acupunture without the needles.


Let us know how he gets on as there might be others of us who could benefit from this. Hope it helps your son.


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