20 minutes success!

I've been a bit of a lurker on this forum but have found all the blogs and comments really encouraging. I did my week 5 run 3 a day early as I'm busy tomorrow. It was tiring, with my face burning red and my heart pumping hard but I did it!! Woo. Onto the next challenge on Thursday...it's all more do-able than you think at first. Can't wait to carry on and get to 30 minutes... I did about 4k today including the10 minutes of walking so I'm hoping I will get to 5k eventually!

4 Replies

  • woohoo :) congratulations on completing this milestone ~ may it be the first of many X

  • ;) well done! a fab achievement

  • Well done...you will get there no problem :)

  • i too completed this yesterday its great isnt it! i am also slow but intend to just complete c25k and then restart at a faster pace from w2. this seems quite a popular thing to do. well done you!!

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