Couch to 5K

W5 R3 I AM Awesome

Wow, I did it!

What an amazing feeling, every 5 minutes that passed the grin on my face got bigger.

I was thinking 'hey, I'm actually running'

How amazing that only 5 weeks ago I almost crawled out of the gym after running for 60 seconds.

I was changing music on my ipod during the run too so I remained motivated, and I also attempted a sip of water - I almost choked and spit it out but I managed with dignity to swallow it. - I'll not be trying that again. :)

I checked my heartrate after 3.5 mins and it was 106bpm, how utterly fantastic is that! So my recovery is getting so much quicker too.

I absolutely love C25K

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Well done you its a great feeling to get that one out of the way good luck with week 6.


Thank you :)


Woop woop, well done! You should definitely be proud of yourself :)


Well done!

Week 5 run 3 is a biggie!



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