Couch to 5K

Week 6 = in the bag!!! :D Yahoo! 9 runs to graduation!

Felt good out there! Used my own music for the first time & it was great :) did have to stop singing along though as it messed up my breathing!! haha

Was a great run all round! covered 4.71km during the 35min official walk/run time whoop whoop and 5.36km in misjudged the timing slightly and had that bit further to walk home! hahahaha :) So chuffed to be getting close to 5km in the time... 9 runs to build up to cover in 5km in one run :) Can't wait!

Roll on Week 7 :D

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You're doing GREAT! I'm right behind you (W6R2 Monday)...but nowhere close to you in distance covered...good job, you...


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