Couch to 5K

Graduated today!

Well I've done it - all the runs and now 5k sub-30. I'd know exactly how sub-30mins I am if RunKeeper hadn't decided to stop recording the distance but keep with the timing!! However, comparing to previous runs where I hit 30 I went further faster so I'm clinging to that.

Next milestone is my first race: Race for Lift in Guildford on 14th. Then I need to find a new challenge or programme. Any thoughts anyone?

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Well done and congrats on graduating and a sub 5K! Good to see this graduation posts, gives hope to us that follow, thanks.


Congratulations :)


Well done! :)


Try a Parkrun if you've got one near you. Timed weekly 5k. Great fun and V satisfying as your PB improves. Sign up for a 10K.

I look forward to graduating. Well done sticking with it


Wow, thanks you lot. Will explore the Parkrun option. Also was chatting to the assistants in our local Sweatshop and they suggested joining their Monday evening runs and doing interval training to increase speed. As for a 10k... currently it sounds totally out of reach but I'd have said that about 5k 9 weeks ago...

BTW, how do I get a cool 'graduate' badge??


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