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Swollen calves?

Has anyone else had this? I've just completed Week 4 run 3 (yaaaaaay :D) but noticing my calves are really suffering. After W4R2 (Thursday) my left calf was really tight and over the next two days it seemed really swollen, even the other half noticed and asked if it was permanent!

It seems to have gone down today, was still a tiny bit tight before my run, but I pushed through it and went out. It was ok until the last run and then it started burning and now its incredibly tight and they're both starting to swell :(

Has anyone else had this? I'm presuming it's just because I'm using my legs more and they're going into shock, but any advice would be appreciated :-)

Mrs Magoo xx

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I have not experienced this, I wonder if it is to do with circulation?

Sounds like something you are best getting checked out with your GP, I'd be concerned that it is happening at all, never mind lasting for a number of days.


Are you doing lots of stretches after your runs ? Also, I've just been reading about wearing compression socks after a run to aid recovery - you might find that to be beneficial. Aldi and Lidl do them from time to time at £7.99.

It is probably worth talking to the GP though, swelling doesn't sound normal. Hope it gets sorted soon.


Is this at the front or back of your calf?


It's at the back and the inside


So it sounds as though it's more likely to be muscular then. I remember that my calves were the first muscle to suffer, later on other muscles seemed to remember how to run too, and then it was their turn to ache.

Why not check in with your doctor and RICE while you are waiting to see him? With some gentle stretches assuming you don't think you have a tear.

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Thanks everyone :-)

It seems to be calming down now with the help of Ibuprofen Gel and stretching. Managed to do W5R1 with no issues today so hopefully was just a one off :-)



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