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Treadmill, boring, but definitely easier on the knees!

Hi all,

Hadn't run since last Thursday, just making extra sure about the knee and also had lots on so had a gym session planned for last night (we have free use of our school's fitness suite!! Yay!) Anyway, Sunday my left shoulder felt a bit weird, Sunday night couldn't sleep on it, extremely painful, could hardly move it, specially across my body, or lift any weight with it. So no rowing machine then! No arm machines. Did five min warm up, followed by 5k on the treadmill, five min cool down, then stretches and crunches. Very, very hot in the gym even with aircon on full, I was wringing wet!!

Shoulder and upper arm absolutely very painful again last night and was up at 4.30am getting Ibuprofen...I have no idea how I've done it! Saw the Dr this morning who diagnosed strained shoulder muscles (but how???). Prescribed more Ibuprofen/paracetamol and deep heat.

Anyway, at least my knee is ok!!!


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Carole sorry to hear your aches and pains bothering you.

I know how you feel, Piriformis still painful for me too, so not running tomorrow and feel so annoyed when I am just getting into it now.

Ibuprofen not doing a lot for me, yet.


sore shoulder to take your mind off the knee!!!



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