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Shock Absorber bras on sale and 3 interest free payments!


I must confess that I am addicted to QVC in the morning - can't stand breakfast tv. Anyway they had shock absorber max (the one with the double strap) on clearance price of £21.60 this morning plus they are on 3 payments of £7.20 (plus p&p). All go up to a G cup. So if you can't afford to get a good sports bra this might be a good option or time to stock up if you shock absorbers are your fav.

Shock absorber max £21.60 - this is the one with a double strap at the back

Shock absorber classic £18.96^150145,navlist^150147*150145*152768*154623*,cm_scid^dtlr

Shock Absorber max top - black £15.50 (not on 3 payments) - not many sizes left double strap at the back^150147,navlist^150144*150147*152768*154623*,cm_scid^dtlr

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You can sometimes get them new on ebay for less. I've just bought the D+ max for £4.99 brand new!!!


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