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How C25K Develops Community

Yesterday was week 7, run 2, and truth be told, I sort of failed it. Instead of running 25 minutes, I ran 12.5 minutes twice, with a considerable walk in between.

This is because I got totally, hopelessly lost. I thought I would try a new route, since I have been following the same hilly route from the beginning of the program. I looked at Google maps and found a bike trail leading to a river/stream that seemed like a nice flat-level reward. Either the map was wrong, or I made a very wrong turning somewhere, and had no idea where I was.

Rather than retrace my steps at about the half-way point, I made an executive decision to just wander around some more. I found a lovely neighborhood with great custom-built homes and beautiful gardens. Architecture interests me, so I wandered around a few blocks, and came upon a garage sale in an unlikely place: in front of a huge new home with great 3-story facade. I thought I would browse - I particularly would like to find an inexpensive long-sleeve technical running shirt for inclement weather, since otherwise I have only running tanks and cotton tees. The homeowners sponsoring the garage sale were especially friendly.

One of them, a woman about my age, "S", pointed out that I appeared a "sporty" person. This is such a laugh because I really was a couch potato before C25K, but ostensibly being in the middle of a run, I was dressed for a workout. I told her about C25K, how fantastic it was, how unfit I was when I started, and how to find out more about it herself. Lacking any money (I don't run with my wallet), I set aside a couple things, ran home, and eventually returned to claim my purchases. I gave her the C25K URL, and also suggested I could use a running buddy if she was interested. She had already looked up the program and was really excited.

She said she would call me. And hopefully she will, and I will have a new friend and someone else who is slow to run with. But even if she doesn't, I found an unexpected benefit in C25K. I am finding new places when I run, meeting new people, and helping to build a better community.

So I didn't run 25 minutes straight, but I still think the run was a success. :)

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I agree - a definite success !


Seems like a success to me, I still find it really strange that people think I'm a sporty person - I must look the part even if I still have wobbly bits!


I have no shortage of wobbly bits, but I studiously avoid mirrors while running and blissfully imagine myself looking like the other slim, muscular runners I see. It's fiction - but a nice fiction. ;)


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