Couch to 5K

I'm a RUNNER, or so I've been told,

Completed week 6 run 3 today, YAY.

Today was a good day sun was shinning, birds were singing and I was raring to go, and as per my usual runs the first 10 minutes were the hardest.

Once I got over those 10 minutes everything became easier, my legs weren't as achey, my chest was fine and the last 5 minutes I even felt my pace quicken.

The best bit of all is that I feel fantastic, I can't believe that I can and have run for 25 minutes non-stop and have been boasting about it all day at work.

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Yay well done!


Well done, I know the feeling I just did the 20 minutes and it was a huge hurdle. Thereis nothing like that feeling.


Thank you and well done mrslazy, it's amazing what we can achieve in such a short time.


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