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Week Three Run Two

Well, I made it the dreaded three minutes again! Twice!

It's such a nice day today that it was good to get out of the house as early as possible. The warm-up walk was a little tricky as it's bin day along the street I usually walk along, so I kept having to hop out of the way to let people past. There's also a pelican crossing which is much more friendly to traffic than to pedestrians, so I have to put the music on pause while I wait for the lights to change.

The first 90 seconds went fine, much easier than expected. I started getting a bit of a stitch through the first three minutes but it quickly went away. I was also a bit worried about moving too much during my runs because of what Laura said... I think I'm just jogging the best way I know how to at the moment.

By the last three minutes I was feeling a lot better and managed them quite easily. I think I was even going a bit faster than I was on Monday. There were lots of cyclists on the path this morning, but most were pretty good about letting me go past (except one girl who looked like she was daydreaming and nearly crashed into me...)

I found on Monday that the morning run really set me up properly for the day ahead so I'm hoping that's the case again today. It's been really great reading about everyone else's experiences too.

See you Friday!

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