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Running after donating blood.

Hi I'm at week 6 of the C25K programme - although it has taken me since Feb to get here never having been fit in my life and I'm 45! I did the first 2 runs of week 6 last week without any problem and then donated blood. Took 48 hours off strenous exercise as recommended and then tried run2 of week 6 again. For the first time I failed to complete a run. Has anyone any advice on how long it will be before I am back to where I was pre blood donation. I've never noticed much effect from donating before - been doing it for years- but then I've never done any exercise beyond walking since school! Any advice very welcome - in the meantime I am planning to stick with R1W6 until it gets a bit easier.

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Reassured by your post. I'm 49 (just) and last time I gave blood I did not feel 'up' to running for about a week. But then felt great.

At the same time as my blood donation, my darling labrador Duke (the one on the left of the picture) gave blood to our spaniel. The vet said he needed to take it easy for at least a week with gentle lead exercise only. He is in his prime, I'm not!

I have decided to just wait until I feel that 'itchy feet gotta run' feeling after my next donation.


Hello :)

The same thing happened to me a few months ago - I was up to week 8 and gave blood then suddenly I couldn't complete the runs! I ended up restarting C25K because I couldn't manage more than a couple of minutes at a time. I don't think it was really necessary for me to go back to the very start but I definately needed a return to the walking to get me going again! If you're still struggling why not go back to week 4 or 5 so you can have the walking break? Then again you may try your week 6 run and find there isn't a problem anymore! Good luck :)


I gave blood and attempted a week 7 run the day was hell!


My DIL gives blood on a regular basis and always leaves about 5 days before she does exercise again (tap & highland dance and aerobics) as she feels quite light headed and very drained of energy if she tries too soon after.


Thanks folks. I'm reassured by your answers and I think I was expecting too much not to be as affected as I was. I will go back to the start of W5 and see how I get on. PS RhonaL your dogs are gorgeous! I would love to have one but for now have guinea pigs - v cute but you can't take them running!


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