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Dare I say, the knee might be getting better??

Hi all,

Some of you may know I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago (two weeks this Sunday to be precise) in the last few miles of my first half marathon, when I probably should have stopped at 10 miles but being bloody minded I finished and suffered for it lol. Since then it's had me very worried as it just didn't seem to be improving, always very wobbly, unstable, painful. I've been doing gym work on it, not heavy weights, just lots of light reps on the knee lift and curl machines and just lying down with a rolled towel under it doing quad tightening exercises, even just sitting at my desk in work I'm straightening the leg out and doing lots of lifts - so determined to get it stronger and get back out.

Anyway, yesterday for the first time I felt was beginning to get somewhere as I'm definitely able to straighten it out now and it's not so wobbly. Flat shoes are the order of the day as it hurts to wear anything higher than an inch and a half, not flattering on a wee shortie like me, but needs must. I have a gym session at school on Monday evening, and if all goes well over the weekend I will try out a short jog on the treadmill; at least that way if I do go over, I'm not going to hurt myself too much and I have a gym buddy to pick me up! (Health and Safety, no-one in school is allowed to use the gym on their own!)

Hey ho and on we go!! Wish me luck everybody because if I don't get out for a run soon this old lady is going to punch something!!


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Hi, sounds like things are improving fast! really frustrating, but nothing you can do! good luck with the treadmill, hoping to get back on mine on Sunday. If its not good, I might join you in the punching! Just downloaded Donna Summers 8 min version of "I feel love", going to try and run to that, its a classic tune I absolutely love, might take my mind of my screaming muscles! let us know how you get on x


How annoying you haven't been able to run, sounds like you're being sensible though. I hope it's strong enough for the treadmill on Monday :)


Good luck Carole, hope the treadmill run goes ok otherwise you might have to take up boxing :)


Hi Carole glad you are on the mend, best of luck for monday! hope you don't need to install a punch bag in the gym :)


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