Couch to 5K

end of week 2!!!

hurrah! ive just finished week 2 having had 4 days rest since my last run when i convinced myself i had shin splints and was on the verge of giving up.

i went out today and im not sore and feel great again. ive noticed a pattern on here and in my own runs and that is it is our mind as much as our bodys that need training. i have a better run if i am in a good frame of mind so positive thinking in 2 days when i start week 3.

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Wow, very nice, I have some inspiration now, Today was my W2R2 and I had to literally drag myself to finish the run. I am more out of breadth than tired. All the best.


You are right that there is an important mental challenge here. Keep up the positive mojo, and you will be fine. Just stay focused on the challenge at hand, rather than worrying about later podcasts, and tell yourself you can do it. :)


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