Couch to 5K

Just finished week 8 - yahoo!

Just wanted to say thank you for the C25K programme - cannot believe I can run for 28 minutes and be able to speak to my family afterwards! (No gasping for air!) Last year I had a fairly big op and since then have been slowly trying to regain fitness lost over the years. I started walking for increasing distances with friends every day and then in March started this programme. Love getting up at 6.30 to go for a run, and my kids and hubby are getting a buzz out of celebrating my extra few minutes every week. So thank you for putting the podcasts together and to everyone on this site, it's motivational to read about how others are doing. Happy running!

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Well done to you for completing week 8!! You're almost there now :)


Well done Oldie12, good luck for your final week, what a wonderful feeling that will be. Big smiles for days I'll bet.


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