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Only on Week2Run3 but my knees hurt...what to do?

Hi there everyone,

I'm really happy every time I run --afterwards, usually it takes a little bit of doing to get me out the door--and one reason for this is my knees hurt, especially the left, and the left foot and ankle. I have proper running shoes, went to Runner's Need and was fitted so that I would be sure to have a good ift, but am wondering about the pains?!

Is it just the beginning running that cause these and soon I will become accustomed or is this something i should be looking into and finding out the problem?

Thanks for your help!

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Since your on wk2 i would think your pains will go away after time, mine got pain free by wk 4, I just made sure i streched after my runs and i followed some of the streches on the link that i have provided. Obviousley if the pain is realy bad dont run or walk insted. Also putting an ice pack ( i bought some cheep peas for this) on your knee/ankle after running for 20mins that should reduce any possiable swelling.

Keep up the good work and i hope you feel better soon.


Thanks so much for answering. I will try the peas. And thank you for the stretching link!


My knees and ankles hurt/ached at this stage too, and now I'm in Week 5 it seems to have gone away. In my case, it seemed to take the first 4 weeks or so for the musculature around my joints to build up enough that they didn't hurt.


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