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Wk9 Run1 - staggered through it

I've been doing the programme since January - I repeated quite a few weeks until I was confident before moving on. Until wk 7 I was managing 3 runs a week but I find the longer runs really tiring and need several days rest in between. Doesn't help that I'm super busy at work too which is sapping a lot of my energy.

Anyway, the point is that I managed run 1 of week 9 today. Did 4.6km inc the warm up walk and a couple of mins of the cool down walk so not fast but I did it. And to think at Christmas the thought of 90secs without stopping was daunting.

Bring on graduation. Think it will take a couple more weeks but hopefully I'll be there by the end of the month!

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Keep going Greenrunner, you're nearly there!

And you get a nice Graduate badge next to your name! :)


Thanks gypsydepp - that's what's keeping me going, I can't wait!!


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