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What has happened to me today?!

So I am on W6 R1 today but had to run outside as my treadmill is playing up,so off I went confident that it would be ok as W5 went great for me, however before I even got through the first run I was wanting to stop, I managed to carry on and did complete the podcast it but I was close to giving up on more than one occasion. I was puffed out, my legs and ankles were agony and I couldn't wait for it to be over...what has happened? I found that my pace was all over the place, and I had to run on the road as the camber from the drop paths was making it worse for me, and it was slightly uphill at times. I realise that running in the street is different than the treadmill but my god I never expected it to be that hard. To think that I was crying tears of happiness on the phone to my mum last week after doing the long run on W5 ( on the treadmill) and feeling so happy about it, to today feeling miserable because it was a disaster. I have entered my first 5K race in Oct and if today is anything to go by I will never complete it. Would it be wise for me to keep running outside now to get used to it?


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Loads and loads of us found week 6 very hard and an anticlimax.

Why don't you do the run again on thr treadmill just to get your conffidence back?

I would suggest maybe doing one run a week outside for now and increase it gradually, or maybe go back to week 5 and do it all outside?

Remember, everybody is what suits you....and listen to laura.

A bad run doesnt make you a bad runner....put it behind you and plan what you're going to do next....and let us know how you get on!!!!!! :)


Oh and 5k by october? Absolutely no problem xxxx :)


I was exactly the same on Monday when I did wk6 r1. I always run outside but still found the incredibly difficult. I blogged on here about ti and got lots of lovely encouragement. Remember that you did COMPLETE the podcast and that it the main thing.

Anyway I went out for r2 of w6 this morning and it was so much better. The first 10 mins were tough but the second 10 mins were great and I really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure it will be the same for you when you do r2.

By all accounts wk6 r1 (for some reason) is one of the most challenging of the whole program.


I found week 6 surprisingly difficult. I also found running outside for the first time quite tough. You've tried both at the same time, I'm not surprised you found it challenging. I started off by doing one run a week outside and now do most of my runs outside - the longer runs can be a bit tedious on the treadmill. Don't feel miserable, you're still doing fine and next time you run outside you'll be more prepared for the fresh challenges it brings. Maybe start off a lot more slowly, then build speed up when and if you feel ready.


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