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W3R1 - breathing easier but legs hurt like hell!!!

just back from latest run and leg muscles are really tight. Anyone else found that their breathing/stamina improves but legs take a battering? I do Morris dancing as well, so had thought my legs were in pretty good shape. Not sure if it's running technique, shoes or just general wear and tear on muscles and joints but i hope it gets better. Hasn't put me off though..... actually looking forward to next run on Thursday. But for now I'm off for along soak in a warm bath.

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Well done you! And I absolutely agree - my chest is fine (or at least as you'd expect/manageable), but my legs felt like lead on the last two runs I did last week. I have w3r1 tonight, so hope they carry me through the 3 minute stints!! Good luck for the rest of w3 :)


Do lots of stretches afterwards. I've also started doing stretches at other times too because, as the runs got longer, I noticed my calves were feeling tight almost all the time - I stretch when I'm watching telly, or I'll stand on the bottom stair with my toes on the step and heels off the back, drop my heels to stretch my calves then lift up on tiptoe and repeat as often as I feel like - it's a good stretch for calves and for the arch of your foot. Hot baths are lovely too :-)


thanks for the advice. I'll definitely be doing more stretches from now on.


Stretching for AT LEAST 10 mins post running is the way to go..... True looking at this video on YouTube -

- gives you some basic stretches which I use all the time. Also try searching for some others on there.... You really need to stretch when your muscles are warm so stretching after running is vital.... GOOD LUCK, YOUR DOING GREAT!!


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