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W5R3 - tick!

Thanks to all those who replied to my last blog and virtually held my hand, I completed W5R3 this morning. Yay, go me!

My breathing was fine but my legs struggled slightly but they kept on going which is all I could wish for.

Didn't feel euphoric at the end, rather shocked that I'd actually done it having never run for so long or so far in my life. Feeling very good about it now though :-)

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Well done! That's a huge step forwards. It's amazing that our formerly couch bound bodies can do this but the programme really does work and there's heaps of people hear who can testify to that (me included). Here's to W6.


Well done Katsmeat! I think getting past that long run in week 5 is a real psychological barrier....week 6 can be too, so good luck and trust the can do it :)


Well done. As gypsydepp says, week 6 can be a bit of a weird one psychologically. But you have all the training to do the runs. You just have to listen to your body and not let your brain talk you out of it. xxx


Well done! That's fab! I'm doing mine tomorrow, eek!


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