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Born to Run?

I have Born to Run by Christopher McDougall on my ipad as bedtime reading at the moment. I am finding the Tarahumana and Ultra marathoners like "Caballo Blanco" and Ann Trason absolutely fascinating. Running has opened up a whole new interest for me. I have always been interested in epic journeys/escapes but these people take endurance to a whole new level and blow all current running "rules" out of the window. I think the release of this book coincided with the new trend for "barefoot" running.

Has anyone else read this book or other accounts of ultramarathoners?

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That's next on my reading list. Isn't it so weird how you can become addicted to running bumpf (is that a word?)in such a short space of time?!

Am addicted to running mags now & have read a few articles bout Caballo Blanco after his death a few weeks ago. Loads of inspirational peeps out there.

At the mo', I'm reading 'What I talk about when I talk about running' by Haruki Murakami..... a veteran marathon runner, the miles he clocks up each week are amazing.

And just read article in Aussie news recently bout ultramarathoners who got caught in a bushfire......... yikes! It's a scary business.


I think I have this one on my bedside table to be read. Currently I am reading Feet in the Clouds, a Tale of Fell-running and Obsession by Richard Askwith. It's quite interesting; one thing is for sure, fell-runners are mad buggers!! Ha, it's very strange, but if you'd said to me last summer that this year I'd not only be entering running races but reading about them as well I'd have phoned up the funny farm to come and take you away!!



Feet in the Clouds is magical. One of those books I never wanted to end. I used to do a lot of hiking in many of the areas they describe so it had that extra frisson!

One day we woke up having spent the previous day getting to and crossing Ben More in Scotland. Lovely day 7:30 in the morning just boiling up for a cuppa and who should trot up but one of those fell runners! 7:30 in the morning, we spent all day! Anyway he accepted our invite for a brew and hung out for a while before going on his way. Fell runners are my sporting heroes and that book was wonderful. I have promised myself a two week holiday walking the Bob Graham round sometime. Look it up anyone not familiar with it :-D

If I didn't live so far away I could spend my life fell running, I love the mountains.

The other good read is Dean Karnazes who runs ultras.


Killian Jornet is a cool guy too. Some great videos on youtube (they are Salomon promos but give you a flavour).


Thanks Greg, Carole and Ribena. I'm off to download a sample of feet in the clouds and check out a few of those others you mentioned.;-)


How funny I was in Waterstone's yesterday and I came across the Sports section (never knew it existed before!) I saw all the books you guys have mentioned. Particularly liked the look of Feet in The Clouds and one by Dean Karnazes called Why We Run. Unfortunately I could only afford one book so I chose a more practical guide called Real Woman Run: The Complete Guide for Every Female Runner by Sam Murphy. Really good from what I've read so far :)

P.S Greg I can't believe you met someone RUNNING up Ben More, I've walked it and that was hard enough!


It amazed us! We did unfortunately do the bravado route - i.e. straight up and not zig-zagging the contours like they teach on the Duke of Endinburgh awards and my knees have never been quite the same since.

Still fab view at the top and through the saddle the other side.

One of the running magazines does a 'picturesque running scene' photo of the week and a couple of months ago it was from the top of Ben More, very pretty but painful memories :-)

You MUST get feet in the clouds.


Not read the books but I'm sorely tempted to as they sound quite good.

We've had a new chap start in our office about two months ago and he is an avid running fan (kinda got me into thinking about doing it, hence the C25K) but he runs ultra-marathons too and has a 50mile run planned in August. That sounds crazy but I'd love to be able to run that distance!


me too. If I can find a way not to have to work such long hours then I would seriously consider it but it is such a lifestyle choice!


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