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The Day I Almost Kicked Heartbreak Hill In The Butt!

Visit to Oz, run 10. Yaaay - I made double figures! Flying home tomorrow, so this is the last run in the southern hemisphere. It has been great to miss the rain of the UK, to pick up some new challenges and to run with Emily and Andrew.

What to do for the last run though? The beach is an hour or so each way by bus and I didn't really have enough time - my wife had a list of last minute purchses that had to take priority. I would have liked to do the run around the Torrens - if you're ever in Adelaide, you MUST do that one!

Instead I decided to chance my mitt at the local loop again, taking in Bullitt Hill / Heartbreak Hill (the name depends on whether you're me or a local). I had started listening to Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" before I ventured out of bed, and decided to take Richard Burton, Julie Covington, David Essex et al out for the run. I'm sure Laura didn't mind. Down hill to the park cover around a mile and a half. As normal for downhill, this was easy. The on,y problem was a slight repeat of my tendency to get lost - but fortunately I didn't go too much out of the way. Round the park, across to the main road home and there it was. Heartbreak Hill! I had been so intimidated by this on my previous runs, taking the easy way out by walking up. This time, I was in no mood to compromise. If I could manage Mount Lofty, I could sure as heck manage this piddling little pimple on the landscape.

Well, you can guess from the title of this post that it didn't work out exactly like that. It is a long hill and, to be fair, it is steep. But I really wanted to do it. I guess I managed 2/3 of the way before that troublesome chimp on my shoulder got the better of me. A brisk walk would be almost as good as running. That's what he told me. So I gave in.

100 metres later, I realised the folly - this was my last chance, so a deep breath was taken, and off we went again. This time, it was all systems go to the top. A quick stop to look back down the hill, and I was both pleased and frustrated at the same time. Isn't it always the way?

To make up for it, I added a little extra loop, taking the distance to 3.5 miles. The final task was to hit the REALLY steep rise up to my holiday home - did it, gasping and panting.

And so my southern sojurn came to an end. As I say, very satisfying, a few disappointment along the way, but also many highs to make it all worth while.

Another eary start in the morning to start the long haul home. Back to Blighty, back to my usual run. But now I can take back a whole load of experiences, and a fair desire to find new challenges.

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I'm really sad that your visit to Oz has come to its end :( Thank you for telling us all about your runs, it's been really fun reading about them and I expect it has inspred many runners to pack their trainers when they go on their holiday this year :)


Safe journey home Malcy - great blogs :)


Aw journeys end :( Sad there will be no more Aus stories and pics! Safe journey back :)


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