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Faulse start!!

Well after down loading the pod cast and writting a blog and getting lovely support messages for my first big steps, I was struck down by a stomach bug al last week, and was yet again stuck on the couch... How dissapointing after such a build up..However today, 6 days late I took the plung for the first time in 2 years.

I was breaking a sweat just trying to struggle into my running cloths, they seem to have shrunk, I suppose thats what 2 years on the couch will do! I

However despite a couple of glasses of wine last night I managed to do my first run...Well 8 mins running the rest walking at a fast pace, you all know what I am talking about....and I can tell you it was brilliant, I fet my body wobbling a lot , which I dont remember happening before, and I couldnt have done it without Laura, the 90second slots got shorter and shorter, but It felt good to get that after run glow, its difficult to explain how running relaxes and invigorates the brain.

Thanks for all your support, next run Wednesday...

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Good to hear that you managed to get out there! :)


Well done, and I bet the wobbling will not be a factor for long!


Good for you! It's a great feeling isn't it?


Well done, and good luck or the res of wk1 :) Enjoy it!


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