Couch to 5K

Weekend in Sunny Bournemouth (not!)

Just back from a few days rest in Bournemouth ready for doh to start his new job tomorrow. Had a lovely time, broke my diet and didn't take any running stuff with me.

I can hear you saying "why are you telling me this?". Well, like many others, I was worried that I ran too slowly and in my own unique style but whilst walking along overstrand I got the chance to watch loads of people running/jogging, most of them run like me rather than elegant gazelle style and a fair few of them were actually going slower than I do! I rarely see anyone else when I am out running so assumed that everyone else ran like Usain Bolt. It really boosted my confidence to see that I was simply just a normal jogger not an awkward freaky snail.

My legs ached too much to run when we got home today so will start week 7 tomorrow morning. I checked the stats and we had walked over 10 miles on Saturday morning so no wonder I ache and have a blister!


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