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Injuries are NOT always what they seem!

Injuries are NOT always what they seem!

After W1 R1, I was elated but the following day a knee problem, all brought on by wearing incorrect footwear but you live and learn.

Cutting a very long story short, went to see my chiropractor this morning and it is all related to my SI joint, in my lower back, which is causing referred pain. Ouch, whatever she was doing was so painful, sticking needles in and massaging here and there, but my knee has eased up.

My only reason for posting this is if you get any pain that lasts more than a couple of days, obviously something is wrong but you might just be guessing at what the actual cause is.

So, am avoiding any running for a week, until it all settles down, then back to the programme.

Hope everything is going well for everybody else. :)

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Hey Ruff,

Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it! I look forward to hearing more of your recovery.

All the best.


Good to hear you have been checked out and now know what it is. We all need to be aware of our bodies and the difference between a normal ache and a pain that needs attention. I wonder if you have ever tried yoga. Enjoy the rest and hopefully you will be out running in your new shoes soon. :)


Hope you recover soon and can get back on the plan, take it easy until then :)


Such kind people on this Forum, many thanks.


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