Couch to 5K

Is it for me?

Hi there, I was wondering if this would be for me? I am 26, a mum of 2, really over weight (obese) and totally unfit!

I really want to get back into sport, plus if possible lose weight, feel/look better etc....But as I am so over weight & unfit, is it possible? (When I say unfit, I don't mean, running for a few mins tires me etc....I mean I can't run for even like 30 seconds before feeling like I'm going to die!!!! Lol! It's the truth though!)

I used to play football at school & would love to get back into it but my total lack of fitness is really preventing me, it's feels impossible!!! =(

Any help or advise etc would be very much appreciated,

Thanks! =) x

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Hi Kez, yes and this is one of the best ways to get back into exercise. Many of the people following Cto5K are in the same boat as you. The beauty of the podcasts is they gradually built you up. I thought I would die when I first started running the one minute in the first podcast. I did not finish the first run but I kept going and by Run 3 of week one it was ok. Each week is a challenge but now on week three and running 3 minutes non-stop. I have never run in my life before and am an overweight 50 year old.

It is wonderful that you want ot play football again - great motivation. I have lost weight but I have built muscle (so better shape) so weight loss slow to start with. But I have found that since I have been doing the podcasts I am more motivated to eat healthily - some sort of knock-on effect and losing about 1-2lbs per week without trying ( a minor miracle).

Give it a go and good luck!


make sure you get decent running shoes (have a gait/treadmill analysis if possible) & a proper sports bra designed for running.

if you find the first run difficult then why not try it first by walking normally & then walking faster on the jogging bits, then build up to jogging once you have the confidence to.

I never did any sport by choice. I wasnt overweight but I didnt do anything other than walking & definately never had the stamina to run around playing football, so I am sure that this will become easier to you quicker having had that previous level of fitness.

good luck. & let us know how you get on. youll be amazed at how much support there is here :)


Hi, I too am obese but having lost two stone in the past three months I have only 3 pounds to go before being just overweight. I will be honest and say that I have felt my knees and back running with the extra weight and it hasn't been easy but I am now on week 6 and getting stronger every day. I have alternated this running with swimming (which is great for weight loss and easy on the joints) and I am really feeling great! You can do it! Just put one foot in front of the other and take your time. Good luck!


I am doing c25k as part of my weight loss programme. I was obese when I started but am now in the overweight area and hopefully should be in the normal weigh zone in the next couple of months.

I must admit that before starting c25k I did two weeks of very brisk walking. Which is something you could try. I walked for 40 mins (with my trainers on) 5 days out of 7. I made sure it was a proper fast walk, swinging my arms etc. I think this really helped me build up stamina to start the c25k. Before that I couldn't run 10 secs without wanting to collapse.

When I came to do week one I managed to do it, I wont say it was easy for me (it wasn't) but I pushed myself to finish the runs. I'm w now in the middle of week 4 and so far I would say (for me) that week has been the toughest. Once you get that week completed hopefully you'll get the bug and want to continue.

Go for it and good luck!


I meant that week ONE was the toughest! Doh!


Thanks for all the help, advice & support so far, it's great! Thanks so much! Feeling more positive about it already!!! =) Xx


Sounds just like me......but (say it quietly) i'm nearly 50. I'm on week four and although really, really slow its so far so good.

Give it a go!


I think you will find this low-cost, accessible program (all you need are runners and an MP3 player or phone) that doesn't take all that much time for the expected results. (30-40 min is pretty short when you think about it. Add in stretches - after the run, not before warm up!, and a shower, and you can be back to your other responsibilities in an hour.)

As for how to start: I did laps around my living room to make sure I could jog for 60 seconds at first. It is a S-L-O-W jog, not a "run". You may feel more confident if you try what I did and find you can manage 60 seconds.

If you cannot do 60 seconds yet, you could take the good suggestion of walking briskly for that part too. Or jogging 30 seconds and walking 30 seconds of the 60 second part.

Another possibility is to do some light strength training. Lunges, squats, situps, pushups (against a wall with feet on ground and hands up higher for an easier version), chair dips, etc are all things you can do at home with no special equipment. It isn't really a cardio workout, per se, but it will get your heart rate up, and prime you for more cardio.

Good luck!



Well I managed W1R1 Tuesday night, I was absolutely shattered and felt like I was going to die & my legs were going drop off! But I did it!!!! =D

I was disgusted/disappointed at how hard it was for me, but I was very surprised & happy that I'd actually managed to complete it! I know it's early days as I've only done W1R1 but it's a positive start at least & has spurred me on to keep going!

I am a very negative person so I am reluctant to believe it will be possible for me to progress week to week & actually be able to say run (jog) for 30mins or so non stop, especially in as little as 9 weeks or so! Is it really possible to get that fit, that quick?? But I am very hopeful!

My main challenge I think is probably willpower & motivation.

I just hope I can do this!!!!

I really appreciate how supportive & encouraging everyone is on here!!! Thanks!!! =D Xx


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