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RIP Claire Squires

RIP Claire Squires

Perhaps this has touched me more, since becoming interested in trying to run and understanding what fun and excitement this young girl got from running and all the fundraising she was raising.

As a Mother and Grandmother, while I was making a small donation on her Justgiving page, I was feeling so numb, wondering what her family must be feeling, the devastation and pain they are going through, together with the fact that her young brother died from an overdose at the age of 25.

The following is a quote:

"They urged people to continue making donations on her Just Giving website, which has received more than £500,000 in donations. Just Giving said it would also donate its fee of around £18,000 to the charity.

The website also confirmed Claire's page had attracted the largest number of donations ever received in a single day since Just Giving was launched 12 years ago.

I don't think it is inappropriate to put the link here:

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This girl was amazing, I just found the Just Giving page for her fundraising last year.

It makes me so bitter, why the good die so young!!!


Thank you for this post, Ruff. Such a beautiful girl doing amzing things for others. I'm sure her parents and family will be so, so proud of her and hopefully the warmth and generosity that is coming through from all the donations and comments on the just giving page will help them through this devastating time.

It really makes you think doesn't it?


My thoughts go out to that wonderful lady's family.

She sounded like a truly lovely person.


I found it really moving to read the initial donations by her friends and family before she ran the race. She was obviously a vibrant spirit much loved by all those close to her & it's so sad that in doing a selfless act of trying to raise money for a charity she lost her life.

I hope it's a consolation for the family that her chosen charity has benefited so much (£615,000+ to date).


What a girl, Her family will be proud of her achievements and for the funds she raised. Such a sad story, there's just no way to understand this tragedy :(


I ran passed Birdcage walk on Wednesday and there are lots of flowers where she lost her life. I saluted the spot of behalf us all, she is an inspiration.


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