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Why is there no consistent sizing for women's running clothes?

Why is there there no consistent sizing in women's running clothes - a large can be 18-20, 16-18 or even 14! Just got wonderful montane running jacket but found large is 14 (not always clear on webiste - took a flyer on this). I will keep it because it's great motivation to lose a stone but come on ... is there a brand for larger ladies? American brands may be?

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I find that if you really want to buy running gear, especially bottoms you really need to try them on in the shop. Also if you are trying to lose weight you need to remember that it is better to have tighter stuff or your pants will probably fall down!


There is no consistent sizing in womans clothing full stop! Not sure what size you are after but Sainsburys goes up to 22 in their range (if you can find it) as does Next and M&S (both available on-line), sports direct go to size 20. There is a company online that stocks bigger sizes but they are very expensive.

Good luck and happy shopping.


Try not to look for something that is branded specifically for running.

I really wanted some running trousers but I couldn't find any in my size but then I found some yoga pants instead (Calmia). They are so comfy and they were really cheap! They're three quarter length so on colder days I wear some walking trousers (Rohan) that I have always found comfortable.


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