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Mega sulk, dodgy knee after W1 R1

Mega sulk, dodgy knee after W1 R1

Late last night my right knee started to be painful, this morning not much better, while I was out it was pouring with rain and thought I would just run a few yards but nope, it was not to happen, too tender.

Damn, all my enthusiasm for my next day out tomorrow and am not sure I will be able to. Think it was maybe a dumb idea to wear these sandals but I felt safe and comfortable in them.

Have now ordered some proper running shoes from eBay, hopefully will arrive soon.

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pleased you've thought about running shoes, they are the most important kit for running. Have you heard of gait analysis? A running shop can monitor your running style and look at your feet for pronation (there's a wet foot on a tiled floor thing you can do to look at how your arch behaves) and advise on the right shoe for you. I haven't had gait analysis yet (will for next shoes) but did the wet foot thing and went for neutral shoes, structured and cushioned.

those sandals are not designed to support you for running, my advice is do not even try to run in them again you'll not get past week 1 without doing yourself a fair bit of damage.


"Have you heard of gait analysis?"

Nope, never but I have discovered a shop not far from me, so will go and suss it all out.

I've ordered a pair of Reebok Pump Running Dual trainers, as I did not want a very thick sole, so hope they will arrive this week.

Was sensible today, wore trainers.

Many thanks for your advice, all put to good use. :)


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