Couch to 5K

W1R1 - Great when I finished

Lovely to think I have started and I am on my way. I find the progress of the weeks daunting but will see how I go. I loved the music and set up of the podcast, it was very motivational. I found it harder at the start than at the end, slightly odd but there we are.

My left leg is so much weaker than my right it got tired even though I have been doing leg strengthening exercises that my physio set me for a twisted knee ( nothing to do with running, more a badly planned leap on the stairs).

I loved the bit when it said I had run for 8 minutes, incredible!

Now I have made so much effort, I need to think very carefully what I eat as for me want to slim down about 1.5 to 2 stone.

Always good to be over the first hurdle and I feel more positive about the next run than the first as I know I can do it now.

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Well done! Eight minutes is a great buzz. You will get stronger each week as you build up stamina and muscle strength. Good luck with the rest of week 1.


Today seems to be the day as I did my first one too. A few hours later I'm still buzzing about, sure my body is wondering what happened, bet I'll ache a bit tomorrow!

The weeks ahead are daunting aren't they, I'm trying not to think too far ahead for now :)


Yes, definitely one week at a time, best of luck for the rest of the week.


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