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W6R3 - started out slow but ended well

I'll be honest... W5R3 went well, and the rest of week 6 has been fine, but when the day came for W6R3 I was feeling very unsure of myself. Surely I couldn't really run for 25 minutes? I know I ran for 20 minutes last week, but that must have been a fluke!

Thankfully I managed to talk myself into going out anyway, on the basis that if things started going badly I could always stop part way through. Once I actually got going though I knew that this was a total lie - there was no way I was letting myself stop, I wanted to get through the whole run :)

One thing I did notice is that I spent the first fifteen minutes going very, very slowly... This is because I really wanted to be sure I didn't wear myself out too soon, but I think I've been doubting myself a bit too much and going TOO slowly at times. I really surprised myself in the last five minutes though, because I ran at quite a fast pace for the whole five minutes (I remember when it was a massive struggle just to jog five minutes at all, let alone do it quickly!)

Next time I want to try to keep a more steady in-between pace the whole run rather than going slow then fast. Does anyone else find it tricky to find the right pace to run at?

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I do some runs on the treadmill which I suspect makes it easier to pace yourself, not least because it is predictable. On my wk 8 runs so far, I've done 8 minutes at a steady pace, faster for 2mins, 8 mins steady, 2 mins fast, 6 mins steady, 2 mins fast to finish - I've read this is a good way to increase your speed, plus it makes it a bit more interesting ;-)


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