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Hi All

As you may remember from a previoius posting, I decided to abort my C25K due to bulging disc lower back problems. Well, after resting for a few days, I continued with my walking...fast pace, just about able to hold a (short) conversation...for about 25-30 mins per day. I joined Slimming World three weeks ago and was GUTTED last week when I only lost ONE pound after losing 5 the first week. However, I've stayed on track with my food, continued my walking and this week I lost....drum roll please :-)...4lb!!!! This makes a total weight loss of 10lb over 3 weeks!!! The best part of all is that people are already starting to notice my weight loss!! I think the combination of healthy eating AND some exercise is def the way forward for me. I'm a typical 'pear' shape, so have always found it hard to shift the weight on my thighs & butt! Although I know I'll always be this shape, I now know that walking makes a huge different to shifting weight in this particular area of my body.

Good luck to you all on your own personal journeys and remember...keep positive and keep smiling! xxx

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great weight loss well done keep up the good work x


Great, 10lbs is a lot of weight. Bet you feel better. The weight is great but also the exercise will have real knock on effects for your health. Everytime I go out I think about how this is strengthening my heart and my lungs (the women in my family tend to conk out with heart problems). Carry on winning and good luck!


Well done, you are doing great.


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