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How long to rest?

I was doing so well and got to week 6 when my hip started hurting me. After 2 runs it was keeping me awake at night so I am resting it. I have also gone and got new trainers and had my gait analysed. One week on it is still anoying me although not painful. How much longer should I rest it or should I go and see someone - sports physio? I was loving the runnign and cant wait to get back to it

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Oh how I sympathise! I graduated last week and have been in so much trouble with my knees that I have to rest for at least two weeks. To be honest they are clicking and clunking so much that not sure I will ever be able to run for 30 mins three times a week.

I am doing my exercises as instructed so fingers crossed.

Yes go to see a doctor or sports therapist and make sure you arent doing any long term harm.


I would definately go see someone. I kept on going even though my knee was bothering me. She was able to diagnose the problem and give specific excercises to help it. She has told me not to run, just to do the excercises given. I am desperate to get back out there but have had to accept it could be some time before I can.


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