Couch to 5K

Bridge to 10k - week 3

Well today I did run 1 on week 3. I was a little nervous setting off because it seemed sooooo long!

17 mins run, 1 min walk and do that 3 times which is 51 mins running!!! eeek

I managed to finish it and covered 4.15 miles which is very slow but I was a bit hungover and I know I can go quicker.

I am actually surprised that it wasn't harder! I was expecting to struggle but I didn't!

On run 2 I am going to try cover more distance,

There are quite a few graduates on here (i have asked for a badge) anyone else doing B210K?


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Well done. This is v encouraging to read. Tomorrow will be my last run of Week 8 of C25k and I'd love to think I can go on and do Bridge 2 10k.


Hi well done. I started B210k after consolidating my 30 mins running after I finished c25k. I did that for about 4 weeks. I got so enthusiastic I didnt rest in between when I started B210k now I have got really painful shin splints. I got to end of week 2 on B210k and was thinking this is easy! spoke too soon. But am following some good advice from Greg and resting, using ice packs and gentle stretches. But truth is just cant wait to get back to it. Am getting my running gait looked at today and will buy some new trainers as my old ones are falling to bits. Good luck with your efforts and well done again.


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