Couch to 5K

Why is there no 15 min run???

I have found the incremental increases each week just enough of a stretch until that is week 7 . I found it so hard doing 25 mins straight out no breaks that I had to go back and repeat week 6 again as I lost confidence. I had done the 25 mins twice but it was not getting anymore comfortable and I couldn't face continuing. But the runs in week 6 don't feel challenging enough now! It feels like there is a stage missing between week 6 (runs 1 and 2) and week 7 like a 15 min run. I wonder what the science or reasoning is for such a big jump ie from running 10 mins to doing 25 then next session!!!

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They do say if you find it really hard to go back and repeat a week, so I guess no harm done. I am moving onto week 7 on Monday, did the last one of week 6 today and it was hard, but I hope it gets better!

Think the idea is we have built stamina enough - maybe???


We're all different I suppose - personally I managed the first 25 mins in week 6 ok but couldn't complete the first run of week 7 yet have flourished since - am currently due to do the third run of week 8. I'd say you just have to go with what your body tells you and if you need to repeat a week then don't feel like you've failed.


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