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Ggrrr....tonsillitis strikes...advice about getting back with the programme needed!!

I can't believe I'm so gutted about this but I am. Me and my sister have been following the programme and loving every minute of it. We got up to Week 8, Run 1 and ran for 28 minutes (woohoo!!) but have since both been struck down with tonsillitis and advised by our doctors that we shouldn't run for 2 weeks. I can tell I've definitely got the running bug because I'm actually feeling very down in the dumps about it!

I'm now worried that we'll have lost the fitness we developed when we run again, and don't know where we should start from. Do people think we should just go out and run and see how long we can go for, then build from there? Or would going back to intervals be the best plan? I'm really hoping we can get back up to speed (well, snail's pace but running nevertheless!) as soon as possible. We should have been starting our week 9 tomorrow and I'm beginning to look with envy at the lovely graduate badges people are displaying, which now seems so far away again :(

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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A week or two doesn't hit your fitness too badly at all don't worry about that. You might find you can just pick right back up where you left off as soon as you are well enough.


Thanks Greg, that's encouraging. I think we may just set out and see how we get on (when we can finally get out again!).


Echo that - I had 4 weeks off after Week 5 r2 and just went back to Week 5 r1 - it was fine. So don't rush your convalescence - your body will tell you when it's ready, cos you've been spending a lot of time in dialogue with it over the last few weeks :-) . And great stuff on getting this far - you have definitely got the bug AND you will get your shiny graddie badge very soon!


Thanks for that reassurance. Will just chill out and get better and then get out there again. It still seems quite amazing to me that I'm so disappointed about not being able to run - there's no way that would have been me a couple of months ago!! :)


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