Couch to 5K

Back on the paths!

Today I went out with the podcast for Week 6 R3. I have been out of the game for a bit with a sore ankle and only did my first run back (Wk 5 R3) on Wednesday with my new sparkly clean runners (which I am still getting used to). I was pleased that I managed 25 minutes today considering I had been away for two weeks from it. It's interesting to see that fitness level does not drop as badly as I would have assumed - although I do feel a bit less toned than I was two weeks ago so suspect there is some muscle wastage with rest. I am away for a week now on a work/holiday trip and really can't (I've tried!) to fit my runners in my suitcase. So will resume again on Monday week (hopefully). I'm thinking of doing two more 25 minute runs, then move back to week 8 (I was on Wk8R2 before I stopped). I'll be interested in seeing whether the runs this week will be enough to keep up the capacity to keep going, or whether I might have to drop down again. No worries - I'll get there in the end, and have the "graduate badge" to strive for now!

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Well done you!

Completed W6 this morning too, feels brilliant doesnt it :)

Have a good trip away, your trainers will be there when you get back.


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