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Graduation adventures in fartlek (week 10)

So yesterday I wasn't even going to go for a run - it looked like rain, I'd cycled to work - then suddenly I wanted to - yes wanted to - that's right!?

So in my old trainers I use for cycling and my padded wobble bottom cycle capris I chugged out of work by foot. I randomly chose week 4 podcast - and this time decided to just run fast and then walk the gaps.. this was more successful (but not easier) than the attempt with the week 1 podcast where I jogged between intervals of running..

And the result was..... my average speed for the "run" was EXACTLY the same - so my slow jog/ faster run on Tuesday and my even faster run/ walk on Thursday averaged the same speed...!!

This means I "ran" faster yesterday! Yay!

So I've done two short/ fartlek style runs this week - and then I hope to do a 33minute run tomorrow to ensure I maintain the stamina... the sad thing is I am genuinely excited about it!

Very interested to hear what everyone else is doing post graduation (for the record I am still NOWHERE near 5k!)


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Sounds like a good plan AM. I was at a loss on how to proceed after I graduated about 4 weeks ago. I was running about 4.5k in 30 min and couldn't seem to crack it. I decided to increase stamina and figured I'd get faster over time... And what do you know, I did! So each run I'd try for a bit further, first 6 k then 7 and now 8! I did 8k in 51minutes last week so I've set my sites on a couple of fun runs to test myself. Had a bit of a set back with a shoulder ligament injury from martial arts, then had the gall bladder out this week (never rains but it pours), but am walking this weekend with the view to picking up again gently next week. So I think you need a goal then just keep at it... Seems to be working...

Mair from oz


I'm going to be starting interval training on Monday, I'm going to go back to week 1 of the podcasts and fast run/walk rather than fast run/jog and see how I get on. I'm also going to do a longer run, prob 33 mins on Weds and just a 25 min faster (she hopes!) run for my third run of the week. That's the plan anyway!

Great that you're running faster! :)


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