Pilot 5k Plus

Just tried this this morning. Very funny hearing a man saying "Hello my name is Laura" or whatever words were used. The plot with this "tape" is to run 5 minutes at one pace, then a small increase in speed for 5 minutes, then another small increase for 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of either walking or slow jogging to suit yourself. Great! Another experiment to try for after the 5K target.

I was doing great, the first 5 minutes pace was about my default jogging pace. Handled the next 5 minutes OK, then kicked into the top speed, really focusing on "locking onto the beat" as they keep saying - 1,2,34,1,2,3,4 etc. Went about 9 minutes and was thinking "I can do this" - then was forced to stop by traffic lights and a heavy flow of traffic. And it was like being snapped out of a trance! All of a sudden I was aware of tired legs and stopped!

The route I take is pretty much a straight line down a main road, and at whatver point I've stopped I can catch a bus back. Having stopped at this point today I looked up and saw a bus coming - bus stop about 100metres away - without thinking I started sprinting for it. Half way there, the penny dropped! "How come you can sprint like this if you're so tired"!!! Oh the brain is tricky!


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7 Replies

  • That's SO funny!

    It's all in the mindset ;)

    But catching a bus?? Now that's got to be cheating :D

  • I just typed out a response here, and it's vanished! Oh well - I said no, no, no - not cheating at all!!!!! I live on a straight road that goes on for miles, and there is a bus route all the way along in both directions. I've measured out various points from my house and like to just run to the day's target in one direction without worrying about when to turn back. THEN jump on a bus to return. There's even a supermarket at about 3.5K, so sometimes I do the cool down walk back to it, get some shopping, catch the bus! Killing two birds with one stone.

  • That's just fantastic! I always have to be careful I don't run too far away, because I have to turn around and run all the way back..no where near as much fun as shopping and catching bus home!

  • Got me laughing......how funny. Did you catch the bus or not?

  • Yup - easily. Considering that not 12 months ago I would have got out of breath on that short dash alone, I'm still quite pleased, but WILL complete the whole session next time out - I'll have to run on the spot or something if the traffic lights get me again!

  • Hehehe! That made me laugh! Should've stuck to the reservoir/canal routes along with those molehills! :-) Like the idea of the bus but not so sure about the sweaty stink I'd leave behind! Still, one way of clearing the bus and getting a seat I guess!

  • Naah - don't even break into a sweat on my runs these days - too super cooll!!!!

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