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Need a kick!

Have done all the runs every other day as prescribed, got to week 7 run 1 and was thrilled to run for 25mins. I can't say I enjoyed running for 25 mins, it felt like a real slog. I then found myself putting off the next run and have got out of sync. Made every excuse not to go but dragged my self to the gym this afternoon, but could only do 15 mins, my lace came undone and I was very thirsty. Need to get my a*** back in gear, the end is in sight! Inspiration needed desperately!

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I suppose the fact that the end is in sight is inspiration in itself but well done on getting to the 25 min run. Although you didn't enjoy it at least you've done it once and therefore you can do it again.

Keep going you can do it!! :)


Thanks for that, think I had a wobble! Have decided to have a couple of shorter runs over the weekend (just for fun!) Then start well 7 again, thanks for your words x


You've managed 25mins and that's great! I found I hit a bit of a rut at this stage so I changed my route and just kept reminding myself that I always felt good after a run even if I can't be bothered to begin with.

Keep it up! :)


Thanks rose885, am gonna try a few shorter outside runs then get back on it! Good luck with yours too


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