Couch to 5K

w6r3: done and dusted!!!

Just back from this one....can't believe it's only 6 weeks and i can run for 25 minutes!!! When i think back to how panic stricken i was when laura first said i had to run for 5 mins....what a brilliant program.

Also, find i can't wait to get back on line and see how everyones getting on(nosey!) i find some of the blogs and comments really helpful and motivating.

Thanks every one. Bring on week 7!!!!

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Fantastic well done - I've just completed week 7 and can't believe I'm running so far.

Good luck for week 7! :)


Thank you minuette.

I've been reading some of the blogs about people finding w7 really' hitting the wall'...and I'm getting a bit concerned that I will did you find week 7? I know none of it is easy but did you think it's the hardest week?


Have just read your blog about w7 and feel very encouraged! Can't wait to hear how w8 goes!!!!


Thanks :)

I suppose it's the hardest week in that it's the first week where you have complete runs rather than stops in between, so it's the hardest in that respect but all things considered it wasn't really too bad and the sense of achievement afterwards is fantastic!


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