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Treated myself today

Treated myself to some new running gear today. I've already got decent shoes but I got some new leggings, a couple of tops and a jacket. When I got home I decided that although the tops fit, I'm not yet ready for fitted tops :-( I'll assume that I'll feel happier in them in a few weeks and keep them though ;-)

Wk4R3 tomorrow, then my bonus outdoor run on Saturday :-)

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AH it's t to treat yourself to some new things. I know the feeling of being in clothese too fitted before you are ready. However I find that when I am pushing myself to the end of each session, the thought that the extra effort is getting me closer to feeling confident and svelte for my big race day in July! ;)


Sorry for the dodgy typing... Still getting used to this iPad keyboard!


I'm very much a "hide in baggy t-shirts" person anyway and I'm hoping to not have to feel like that soon. My boss reckons my legs are changing shape - I think that's a compliment but I might have to buy some baggy jeans so he stops looking ;-)


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