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Treadmill -v- Road Running?

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Hi! I have just completed week 6 with the lovely Sarah Millican encouraging me in my ear! I must confess I'm still finding it very hard but determined to finish and then carry on! I am lucky enough to have a treadmill in our garage (my hubby is a keen runner), but because he is a keen runner he is actually not that helfpul to me as I am far from a natural runner! This is a roundabout way of asking if people think it's easier on the treadmill? I have done a few on the treadmill but I am trying to do it outside more often than treadmill. Is there a rule? He says I'm cheating if I do it on the treadmill!

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I’m doing it on a treadmill. I find running outside very hard with lung burn (only way I can describe it!) when I first start running and I don’t experience this on a treadmill. I don’t feel I’m cheating. The idea is to get my bottom off the couch & outside or not I’m doing it!! I’d suggest do what feels right for you and never mind what anyone else thinks!!

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I did my first couch to 5k (2017) on a treadmill and found it quite tough to transition to outside. Mainly a confidence issue as I’m SO unsteady on my feet. I’m doing run 3 of week 4 tonight and find outside more difficult. I started from the beginning as I hadn’t run for nearly a year and I didn’t do many runs after graduation.

If you do both then at least you’re getting a feel for outside so you know the difference. And you’re not on the couch so that’s a bonus

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It's certainly not cheating. I've not done treadmill, in fact might have my first opportunity as I'm going away and the hotel has a gym. I believe you're supposed to set a small incline of 2% to mimic outdoor more.

Whatever works for you. I would miss the fresh air and the nature aspect but I understand the "lung burn" but that does get better as you get fitter anyway.

I certainly wouldn't have called myself a natural runner, my style was somewhat wonky at the start but somewhere along the way towards the end I really felt it improve dramatically. In the early weeks ankles were knocking and stride was all over the place. In fact in the running shop getting my shoes they even said I needed practice... I'm sure that was kind for... you're not doing it right! 👍🤣

Just keep it up either way 😉👍

I completed the whole program on the treadmill and I didn't feel I was cheating. I think it was more important to me that I was exercising regardless of whether it was on the treadmill or outside. I now sometimes runs outside and sometimes on the treadmill. I must say I do find it harder to run outside and get out of breath much more quickly. I also find that different muscles are sore the next day when I've run outside. Maybe that's just me though :-)

Hi neither is cheating.

I done c25k in treadmill until start of week 6 where I transitioned from treadmill to outdoors. I done around 4 runs I think to transition as I struggled with getting my breathing and pace right with no screen on treadmill I didn't know how fast I was going until I couldn't breath then was told why 😊

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Take no notice. It’s your run, not his 😃

I run outside all the time, but you do as you please to suit yourself. 👍🙂. You can follow the programme just the same

Having said that, running outside is just fab 🙂

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