Sore shoulders and swollen fingers after running?

Has anyone experienced swollen fingers after running? It is very weird and unnerving.

My shoulders are always very sore during and after runs too. I have a large chest and I think it might be something to do with that although I wear sports bras. Also, I've tried loosening and relaxing my shoulders and upper arms when running but it doesn't feel natural.

Is it just me? :s


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7 Replies

  • I experience swollen fingers when I'm doing the walking part, when my arms are swinging by my sides, it's like all the blood has gone into them. My fingers are fine however when I'm running, as my hands are lifted higher.

    It's weird, but I see it as normal for me as it's been happening for a while, even when I used to do brisk walking on a treadmill a few years ago. It doesn't happen after a run though, only while I'm fast walking.

  • hi k_pax - does it change with temperature? i always get swollen fingers when i run in cold weather or hot weather - for me it's definitely something to do with lazy circulation, but hopefully as we get fitter that will improve :) i wouldn't worry unless it becomes painful or takes ages to go away.

  • I too have the large chest problem, and doubling up on the sports bras. I'm not experiencing swollen fingers but the shoulder aches I have. Try the mobilisation exercise of lifting your arm and slowly making big circles, forwards and then backwards 10 each way both arms before and afterwards

  • Oh and I am trying to consciously push my shoulders down and back whilst running, I'm getting better at that although agree it feels odd, it's been getting better since my head has been up rather than looking at the floor. I also recommend Pilates

  • My shoulders were hurting after my first couple of runs but it definitely improved when I started to think about my posture. Bxster's advice to keep your head up is good and seems to have worked for me. Also are you doing stretches as part of your cool down? If not this might help too.

  • Hi K-Pax, try 'running pretty' - this means that when you run you lean your upper body slightly forward which pushes you onwards. While doing this keep your elbows tucked into your side, have them bent at 90 degrees and swing your arms from the shoulders so that your hands are moving up and down your body and not crossing your sternum. You end up running so that your wrists are moving close to your boobs but it should stop the swelling in your hands because they are elevated. Another thing you may need to consider is going into a proper running shop, get some advice and maybe fitted properly for a sports bra. Often the ones off the peg just aren't supportive enough. Good luck with your running, keep going your doing a fantastic job!!

  • Hi K_Pax. I had this problem really badly when I first started walking. I googled it and found a lot of stuff about dehydration, so I started drinking a lot more while I was out and I found that it really helped.

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