Couch to 5K

History repeating itself? I hope so!

Today I did 30 minutes (4.6k, but hilly and with annoying dog so not bad) Actually my dog pulled me up the first hill because there was a rabbit, but then dragged behind me the rest of the way.

So, I was thinking where to go from here? Looked up last year, can't unfortunately see old blogs but luckily had kept a record on 'goodrunguide' of all my runs.

I had finished the C25K first week in March...and went on to run a total of 31 miles in March; 45 miles in April and 51 miles in May! That included a 10 mile run on May 20th.

So guess where I go from here??

Same again, I think! :)

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With the added bonus this time of knowing you can not wondering if!


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