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Where to start?

Good morning all,

I'm quite an avid fan of this community and have decided that now that it has warmed up outside, now would be a great time to add structure to my running, head outside and sign up for my first race.

I've been on the weight loss band wagon for 1.5 years now (lost 65 pound so far XD), and have done a fair bit of it on the treadmill. So far I run 30 minutes (which ends up being about 3 mile run) twice during the week, and then a long run on the weekend so far the long run is about 50 minutes (which is just above a 5 mile run). I run at a slight incline.

My question is, where should I start? Should I start at B210k week 1? week 4?

any suggestions are very welcome.

Although I expect the switch to running outside to cost me a few minutes of my run time I am very confident that It wont affect me greatly (other then stop me from getting bored on the treadmill)

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B210K? You're already there! Near as makes no difference. Next time you're out for a long run, add a mile and half, knock the pace down a little possibly, and that'll be you running 10k. Sorted.

HM next then...


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